One of my favorite things to do is hunt for vintage treasures. I am always keeping an eye out for quirky finds that will make an image different. This has resulted in a very packed prop room and need for extra storage! The up side, is that these wonderful finds are all available to you for your shoot. You'd be surprised what we have back there! As I take more inventory shots I'll post them here, but for now here are my favorites:

Red vintage tandem bicycle, made by Sears in the 1960's, just dying to be decorated 

Custom Candy Buffets

Earthy shoes and old film cameras

A Swedish Pram

Wardrobe and prop styling.... I love color, a little or a lot

Who doesn't love pink balloons??

I love what I do! Come be creative with me:)

Advanced Retouching is available. Services include color correction, compositing, restoration, blemish removal, beautifying, re-illustration of photographic elements, body sculpting, lens distortion correction and more. Retouching is quoted on an hourly basis on the project. Please email me with project details for an estimate. Some before and after examples are below.